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You can Count On Calla

I want to be known as someone who utilized every single asset I had to bring the best out in everybody around me. My goal in life is to touch the heart of everyone I meet to help enhance and add value to their lives. To help as many people as I possibly can along this life journey. 

In 2018 I wrote my first book, The Mortgage Code, as a passion project and have since donated all the proceeds to a local charity each year. 

Check out the photos and videos below on some community support I've done over the years. 

  1. Donating coffee mugs to the staff on the frontlines during the 2020 pandemic.

  2. Coquitlam Express fundraiser with over 1,400 attendees to raise money for Access Youth 
  3. Small Business Giveaway we did, partnering with tones of local businesses to buy their products and give them away on social media for promotion.

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